Drug-Dealers Inject Testosterone – Smarter Men Boost Their Own Production

f you had the choice, would you choose muscle gain steroids to be smarter or more bulked up with muscle mass? Sadly the answer is not evident in our modern society where there is a percentage of men who have massively bulked up and we see the prison population filled with them most probably because the illegally sourced drugs they are taking in the form of steroids are also heavily related to the drug-dealing or narcotics industry. Indeed, most drug-dealing is done by the security staff at the doors of nightclubs and bars and at the gyms where the guys bulk up.

It is common sense that large muscle-bound drug dealers probably suffer less rip-off losses than for example a puny dealer with no physical strength to protect his stash. In a TV documentary in Australia recently it was revealed that Australia’s largest drug cartel does all of their dealing at the gymnasium because only men on steroids can fit into the culture – and is not such an easy place for under-cover police to infiltrate. Certainly there are body builders who only take these illegal drugs to build muscle for competition, but the greater majority is the drug-dealing types.

On the other end of the scale is the smarter Injectable Steroids For Sale Online man who will avoid the food processing poisons that damage natural testosterone levels; the men who have respect for their bodies and have taken the time to learn that maintaining proper levels of testosterone means healthy foods, diet supplements like multi-vitamins and testosterone boosters as well as some short-term bursts of muscle-burning exercise or weights training which kick-starts the testosterone production in their testicles.